Oral Only October starts on October 1st and ends on October 30th. Halloween is a night to celebrate a successful OOO with the boys before NNN (you know what that stands for).

1. Only receive/give oral for 30 days
2. If you have any other interaction besides oral you fail
3. If you are pathetic virgin you also fail
"it's October 3rd"
Olivia is horny and is about to get dicked down, but Adam decides otherwise, because it's OOO and leaves her wanting more by giving her oral for the rest of the month.
by Terru03 November 3, 2020
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Stands for Out Of Order usually used on toilets elevators etc.
Guy1 : Why didn't you go to the toilet
Guy2 : It was OOO
by Lou Mclouster March 14, 2012
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short for Out of Office
"I sent you the file yesterday"
"sorry, I was ooo"
by Duster1836 February 1, 2007
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Used when one likes something they are talking about and are excited over the subject.
Luto: I finally get to go there this summer.
Kaie: Are you going to be here for my b-day?
Luto: yeah
Kaie: yay! OoO!
by Luto Rellik April 25, 2004
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A local bar known best for denying hot but underage girls. If you like frat boys and expensive yet terribly tasting drinks this is the spot for you.
"Yo wya tn?" "I'm at the ooo ooo"
by 5girls5g February 8, 2018
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Slang term for the perscription drugs Percocet, which is an opiate or painkiller, commonly used recreationally for its euphoric effect.

I just popped a Ooo Ooo - Finess Babyii
I just popped some Ooo Ooos my doctor gave me for my back pain.
by FinessBabyii February 28, 2021
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OOo is the preferred abbreviation for OpenOffice.org, a free cross-platform and multi-lingual open source office suite. The OpenOffice.org suite consists of Writer (a word processor), Calc (a spreadsheet editor), Impress (presentation software), Draw (vector graphics editor), Base (database software), and Macro.
Have you upgraded to version 2 of OOo yet? It comes with Base, which you can use as a frontend to MySQL or PostgreSQL!!
by Memzer May 4, 2006
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