A phrase expressing a sudden recognition of one's strange choice of words or actions
Mo: I don't care, I'm so hungry I'll eat my hand.
Jo: What a man!
by ultimatewarrior October 9, 2015
Phrase taken from the 2004 movie "The Girl Next Door." Can be used when disscussing sexual exploits, excessive drug usage, great plays in sports, a good book, and nearly anything. That's What A Man Does can be said at anytime when describing nearly anything that a man would do. Also, That Is So NOT What A Man Does can be used as a phrase of discontent towards something your buddy has done that offends you (ugly chicks, forget to pay you back for beer, etc.)
Me:Dude, I got so crunk last night I did two chicks at once on the roof.
Me:Except one was like 300 pounds and the other had backne like mad.
Andrew: No dude, so not what a man does.
by David Burner June 2, 2005
the proper way to ask a man/woman what is happening in their life at the moment
what's up man? I heard you got the clap.
by tsssisssisss August 15, 2011
The definition for "That's what a man does" entered by Burner is perfect.

the phrase itself derived from the Girl Next Door...
-There is this really hot girl, the girl next door
=So did you bang her yet?
-Yeah, right I banged her (sarcasm)

Lines that are associated with "what a man does":

"All I wanna do is bang hot chicks" (girl next door)
"We are all going streaking...through the quad to the gymnasium" (old school)
"F#CK IT, I'll squeeze one" (GND)
"We can't lose our composure" (OS)
"You got to use my girlfriend, shes so good, wanna give her a throw?" (GND)
"I guess I am a little freaked out about only having sex with one person (points to his wife) for the rest of my life" (OS)
"How's the rack?" (GND)
"Do you know how lucky you are to land someone as sexually enlightened as Hedi..look Columbus wasn't looking for America when he went sailing away, but he found it and that sure as heck worked out for the rest of us" (0S)
"I would have nailed her right there and then"(GND)

FOR INFO ON HOW TO DO WHAT A MAN DOES: Learn from anything that a man has done in the Girl Next Door (especially giving her Bourbon to get her drunk for sex) and Old School. These are textbook examples of "what a man does."
examples are listed above.
by Ytown man July 2, 2005
This is a term used in awkward or tense situation in places in Ireland. Timing is very important, if it is said in a bad moment it's bad timing, but if said in a very tense or anxious moment, it's good to excellent timiing.
Teacher: Where's your homework? ....How dare you come into this room without your homework! HOW DARE YOU!

Example 1:
Boy 1: So Josh boy, what a man?
Boy 2: Awesome timing
by Shevo June 3, 2011
Joe - I gave my girl a WTF man last night and she was pissed.

Definition: A What The Fuck, Man? is a sexual position similar to the Superman, or Spiderman or Batman. However, you pull out as your about to cum, cum in your hand and throw it in the air and say WTF, man
by Sir Bonerfart April 10, 2018