When one feels ashamed of what they thought they knew.
Person A: wow it's so weird that we have 7 planets when we only live on 1.

Person B: um there's 8 planets O.o

Person A: oh yeah, I knew that :D
by Coffeecakes March 24, 2014
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What you say so you won't look stupid in front of your crush, when you really did not know that.
Alisha asked what period they had next although this was the last period of the school day. She brushed it off with a, "Pssht, I knew that..." when her crush walked by.
by ahaha<3 November 17, 2010
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A song about realizing that something or someone isn't going to work out or it will never be. The Moment I Knew is written and sang by Taylor Swift.
a.k.a. this song is my life
It was 2 am, I was waiting for you to come back to me and that was The Moment I Knew that we could never or would be ever together.
by Ashlynn Rae January 27, 2014
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A phrase used to let others know they've traded sides, i.e. committed treason. This word developed from the blockbuster motion picture 300.

The acts of treason committed by the hunchback traitor Ephialtes stem from his rejection to join the Spartan Military. His morbid anger leads him to join sides with the Persians, thus trading sides in 300.

This phrase is highly adaptable in modern day sense. Whenever someone you see commits an act of treason, betrayal, or pure stupidity, respond hastily with "I knew you'd trade in 300."
Let's say you call Shotgun and Pit steals it from you anyway. You're too borderline blackout drunk to even want to argue with Pit. So, instead of arguing with him, you simply say..."I knew you'd trade in 300."
by Lyle Kasher January 05, 2010
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1. Said by someone who has a very obvious unrequited gay crush on someone who remains oblivious to his flirtations. Usually said after doing the thousandth favor for him for free, despite massive actual personal cost.

A humorous reference to the epic line uttered by Jack Twist to Ennis del Mar (RIP Heath) in the film Brokeback Mountain.
Dude 1: Thanks for the coffee. You didn't have to walk through 600 km of hot dry desert, cross an ocean of razorblades, and defeat 10,000 dragons just to get me one.

Dude 2: Oh it was nothing. Anything for you. *stares longingly at Dude 1 as he sits down*

Dude 1: Why are you staring at me?

Dude 2: I wish I knew how to quit you...
by I ate your Pie, deal with it October 03, 2010
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When someone does something sneaky or stupid, then when they are caught say "I thought you knew." aka "I didn't think you needed to know"
Your girlfriend cheats on you with some guy, then weeks later says "I thought you knew"
by Hives! December 08, 2004
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heard in pockets of the southern US: an affirmation; agreement; inferrance of common knowledge... usually accompanied with a hair toss, whether or not there is hair to actually toss... expletives can be added to show emphasis or anger
"Everyone here wants to do you, Angie"
"I thought you knew, honey!"

"Donita knows not to mess wit yo man since you pulled her wig off and smacked her with yo heel!!"
"Thought you muthafuckin-GOTdamn knew!"
by cactus614 April 15, 2005
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