90 definition by kris

Something you say when you have no comments available.
Also a term commonly used by Shawn.
'Look at that fatty'
by Kris April 02, 2003

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A nick-name for a man who is not circumsized.
Julie said that guy is a worm.
by kris December 22, 2004

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Stands for Underage Boobies. While it can be used to describe the breasts of an under-18 year old girl, it is usually used to describe a hot under-18 year old girl that usually provokes a look-but-don't-touch reaction. Alternately it can describe a number of teenage girls when used in a blanket description such as "many UB".
Damn, did you see that UB over there?"

"Hey Jim, a whole busload of UB came into work today for 'Take Your Daughters To Work Day'"
by Kris February 05, 2004

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the collest guy ever, h' supurior to every one, give kris hinds a holla "luudakriz" on aim
I love kris hinds, don't you.
by Kris July 16, 2003

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straight, pimp, bomb, cool, phat
That girls ass is so bombo
by Kris July 17, 2003

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Pwnd is internet slang. It is based on another popular word "ownd". Power + ownd = pwnd. And that's how you derive pwnd.
"You got pwnd"
"I just pwnd"
by kris September 26, 2004

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An awesome rap parody straight out of Princeton.
Did you hear P Unit's new song? It totally trashed 50 cent and G Unit.
by Kris February 03, 2004

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