Anyone who indulges in a number of malicious or ill-intentioned schemes or deceit in order to slander or cause harm to someone else. This includes, but is not limited to: sharing deep personal secrets about others, manipulating others to do your bidding and then discarding of them when they are no longer of use, lying compulsively to take advanatge of someone's emotions, ridicule or blackmailing to the point where the victim goes into seclusion, and just generally being a hate-filled being with a desire to screw over anyone for the sake of it. These people tend to have some sort of mental defect such as sociopathy or narcissism, though this is definitely not the rule.
Markus convinced Anne to dump her financially inclined boyfriend knowing full well that she has no means to support herself and no other friends to fall back on. Markus is a horrible person.
by Robjef622 April 12, 2017
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Is subbing to T-Series and not PewDiePie
Zachary: WHAT!? Youre Being a horrible person...
Ryan: Wait, but i havent subbed to T-Series and im subbed to PewDiePie
Zachary: Nvm (Nevermind) Youre good, a good person
by not_LeviHawkens April 26, 2019
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