1. The less fagtastic way of saying 0wn3d.
2. Beaten to an embarassing degree of humiliation.
3. Proven to be a complete 'tard.
Domestic Disturbance's civic gets ownd daily.
by sfw February 24, 2004
1. Being completely wrong in any situation and someone calling you out on it:
"Steve was wrong, he got ownd by Jim."
2. Beating somone so badly to the point of complete humiliation:
"You got fuckin ownd!"
3. Being stupid:
"I got ownd."
"You've been completely ownd."
by Shevon July 25, 2005
Getting your ass served to you on a silver platter.
You just got your ass ownd by a n00b!
by FU5!0N December 23, 2006
To be beaten badly in some form very popular language in online games also used as a way of bragging about a win
Gamer 1:No way you can beat my rock sword!
Gamer 2:Just watch me!
(Gamer 2 kills Gamer 1 badly)
Gamer 2:OWND!!!!
Gamer 1:don't get too happy...
by Big Boi90 March 2, 2008
v. To rape someone in the ass intentionally.
v. To be so good you spell Owned, Ownd.

Niggalips: Yo Tyrone I just had sex with a man.
Tyrone: OWND nigga.
by Young S August 29, 2008
past tense: ownd; past participle: own; adjective: -ownd

Being so good at Dead by Daylight that no matter what you do, the other team is getting ownd
"Hey Jim, are you gonna watch the game tonight between revolution and ownd?"
"Nah, I don't think so. It's gonna be tough seeing rev get ownd."
by SeaBass216 February 4, 2022
In reference to pwnd, means the person being ownd was beatdown due to raw skill, usually in epic and humiliating ways. Typically affects noobs rather thannewbies
In an fps environment:

Guy 1 is outmanuevered by Guy 2 and is killed
(Repeat numerous times)

Guy 2: OWND! Learn2Play!
see noob and newbie
by TheAnonWhoFearsNameSnipers2 November 9, 2010