Slang for phone. It is used by people who don't fully understand the English language and feel the need to spell it phonetically. Or somehow think that not typing in one letter saves them time.
----Got a new fone :D

----Thats cool. Mind using real English words now?
by trololol. xP April 13, 2011
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fone-> fresh off the NEWB express!
Can be used as a verb or a noun.
--I was playing UT and my team was losing cuz of me so i said

--WTF WAS THAT BADNESS? That guys obviously a FONE.

by SGP3213 December 25, 2007
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another way of spelling phone just for people who are too lazy to spell it right
oh shit i've lost my mobile fone
by khlowie December 10, 2007
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Shortend version of "fone bone"

1. To speak of sexual acts on the phone to get off.

2. A combination of the words fuck and phone.
My aol girlfriend and I fone every night.
by rabit August 4, 2004
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Exactly the same thing as a cell phone, but with one of those 'everything plans' that encourages the user to use it for everything but it's original purpose; which is to talk to people using speech rather than text. This then defeats the original purpose of the cell phone; thus creating the fone.
All context usage is exactly the same.

"I got a message on my fone, let's see what they wrote."
by morofry April 16, 2010
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english - slang for mobile phone "fone", wireless phone, smart phone, prepaid phones.

"fone" - Fone Telecom - a mobile phone solutions company in Indiana, United States.

"fone" - fone is a brand name for prepaid mobile phones in the United States
"fone" - unique term, unique spelling for phone

"fone" - unique brand name for mobile phone products

fone prepaid
fone mobile
fone wireless
fone telecom
by wireless blogger February 22, 2014
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