Tense of pwn.

An internet chat language variety/version of the word "owned", used in the sence of beating/defeating/outclassing someone. Usually used in games such as Counter-strike or on messageboards when a user posts arguments or insults that can't possibly be counter-argued.

Arguably considered so-called "l33t-speak"
"I pwnd you that round" "You just got pwnd dude" "I am going to pwn you like I did your mother last night"
by Anton May 11, 2003
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A variation of the word "owned". The only reason that this word came about was because of a typo, and given that P and O are right next to each other. It has nothing to do with combining words or anything of the sort. It is rumored to have come about from an early Warcraft3 map, in which the creator meant to have a trigger say "Player X got ownd", trying to use the "1337speak" variation of "owned", but hit P instead of O, thus giving birth to "pwnd".
You have been pwnd. Etc...
by Viper2026 November 19, 2004
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A word which gamers use to indicate that someone was brutally beaten in a video game, and thus humiliated. Also known as owned, but misspelled and mass-spread. Basically the next level of "owned"
I'm sorry, but it seems you were just royally pwnd. Would you like another glass of pwnage, sir? Or would you rather hand someone else the controller...
by GameKitty January 13, 2006
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(prounced "pohnd", sometimes making the "o" sound similar to that of an "i" or an "e")

a word used in place of "owned"

the word was used originally only by accident, when someone's finger slip while typing the word "owned" (as you may notice on your keyboard, the "p" is just to the right of the "o")

somewhere along the line, some people deicided to use it as a joke and the joke spread more and more.

then, some decided to take out the e, so instead of "pwned" we have "pwnd", but some still use it in it's original form with the "e". some also spell it "pwn'd" with an apostrophe in place of the "e".
ben: dude! did you see his face after he got punched by that retarded kid??
frank: yeah, he totally got pwnd.


ben: man, that asian cobra didn't stand a chance against that mongoose.
frank: yeah, that cobra got pwnd.
by the fantastic mr. fox May 9, 2008
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to be massacred by a six year old child while playing halo 3
did you see that!!! that little shitholle just pwnd me
by lunetico July 15, 2008
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4 wr0d n00bs u53 wh3n th3y ch4t 0n the 1nt3rn3t. 5p3ll3d pwnd 0r pwned. Fr0m t3h l00z3r5 th3t br0t j00 wr0d5 5uch 4s 00ber, n00b, r0xx0rs, 4nd 1337.
1 n3v3r u53 h4ck3rsp33k, th3r3f0r3 1 n3v3r u53 pwn.
by Mark November 18, 2003
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