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a former prostitute who now runs her own escort service by hiring hookers and pimps
I was a streewalker but ever since last year I am a madam and i make better $$$
by kira March 19, 2004

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A stalker who is actually very cool.
Kirsten is such a sporkster, she follows 5 & 6 everywhere! But check out her awesome shoes!
by kira March 19, 2004

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Nick-name for the hottest yearbook photographer in the world. Also known as "The Son Of God"
Me: Oh my God, there's Cameraman. He's so damn gorgeous...he's got like, an aura around him.
Michelle: I know! he's like... the Son of God!
by Kira April 22, 2005

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One who's gluteus maximus glitters.
"Did you know that she has sparklebutt! It's so bright I have to wear my sunglasses!
by Kira June 13, 2004

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Kira can be really bossy. she wants to care about only her self. But can be nice sometimes. Very attractive.
by KIRA July 06, 2015

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Hard to segregate from a skater, a bogger wears baggy clothing and often some form of hat (beanie, etc). Anti-townie (who isn't?) and often considered to think they are individual. But usually they don't think that. Only the dillusional ones do. Also associated with punk/rock/soft metal music, sometimes they skate.
"that's some good sh*t dude!"
by Kira April 15, 2004

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1 a man hired by a madam to protect her grls or a hooker to protect herself
2 a man who hires hookers to work for him
3 a man who uses multiple women for sex
1 She hired a pimp to protect her hookers
2 She hired a pimp to protect herself
3 That pimp used all those women
by kira March 19, 2004

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