Kirsten is a sweet,loving, and kind girl. She will always take 2 chances. She knows how to get a guy to like her. She seems very shy sometimes, but when you get to know her, she is a very talkative and loud girl. She hates when people call her "Kerstin". Normally she looks happy, but there is always something wrong that she is trying to hide. She will do anything to make anyone's day better. She is the type that is girly but not to girly. She does sports, and people often say she is athletic. She is an amazing and beautiful girl. You won't find anyone like a Kirsten.
"omg look at Kirsten, she is so beautiful."
by Bigpapi67 November 22, 2016
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Kirsten is very shy at first but is really outgoing when you meet them. She is very artistic and will have lots of inside jokes with you. She will always keep secrets. She is always there even when it’s tough. Sometimes she can be moody, but she always pulls through. She is very beautiful and attracts the fittest guys.
I want to be friends with Kirsten, she is so beautiful and sweet.
by Oomalwe February 16, 2018
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Kirstens tend to be kept to themselves, but usually are very social. They tend to take an interest into alternative music. They are slow to anger. Their humor tends to be dark humor and sarcastic humor. They are overall a great person and love the spotlight. They love the attention that they recieve. They always have big, bright eyes and nice curves. They love animals and would go out of their way to help anyone in need. They also typically have depression or some sort of anxiety disorder, but that's okay. Despite their flaws, anyone would want to switch bodies with a Kirsten! They are such great people!
Did you see the curves on that chick? She has to be a Kirsten!

Kirsten fits my sense of humor just right.
by Penis Penis Yeah yeah woohoo October 24, 2017
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the most amazingest person on the face of the universe. SHE SO SEXY. Has an amazing body, can listen to any situation and give amazing advice. has a wonderful personality. usualy taken. has the mind Albert Einstein. her future is completly bright and successful.
by AiRbourn May 24, 2012
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A girl who is very sexy, intelligent and beautiful. She is very funny and knows how to conquer men. She loves especially men who are in a relationship or married. But if a Kirsten fights for a men the wife has no chance to win this battle. She is the epitome of bombshell and very talented in everything you can do in bed. Most Kirsten are blond with deep blue eyes and a body like a goddess.
A: Look at the girl over there
B: I think it is a Kirsten
A: My wife shouldn't see her. She would be jealous.

B: I wish I had a Kirsten
by Emanu April 7, 2016
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Scandinavian form of Christina, which traces back to the Latin name Christian and has been widely-used in Scotland for many years.

Kirsten's are Attractive, Dependable, Loyal,Outgoing, Silly; a friend that can be counted on, and has ears that can listen. Kirsten's are ladies that put that foot down on the ground and refuse to move it. Let's just say, "Strong at Heart" ! ! !
Friend: "He broke my heart, what am I to do?"

Kirsten: "I told you that you are better than him, take a deep breath and live your life for yourself." ! ! !
by Kat-wc ga girl February 3, 2010
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Completely amazing, in all ways, shapes and forms.
Also known as absolutely stunning.
Fredrick Von Godrick: WOW. Did you see that girl?
Duderob: Well, she wasn't nearly a Kirsten.
by Canon Bob March 2, 2008
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