Anthropological term denominating someone to a super-ethnos originating from the swamplands of continental Europe, specifically, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, and Britain. The materialization of said super-ethnos results from the commonality of their material conditions: the swamplands. This has resulted in a deterioration of cognitive thinking and a materially-unfounded belief in idealism, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Originated in the 1st Century A.D. by the Romans after encountering the swamp folk of Britannia and Germania.
man1: "Why is he so fucking stupid?"
man2: "He's a bogger! Don't you know?"
by dialecticalanthropologist February 5, 2022
To ride a step thru motorcycle..aka Honda c90 et al, with both elan and panache.

Bogger is an extention of the word Bog, as in seat, as said motorcycle frame design resembles a latrine. Therefore the rider becomes a 'Bogger'
Wow look there goes 'Bogger' on a step thru!
by Russ n JJ March 29, 2008
Derbyshire) a person (usually, but not always,) female and usually, (but not always) sexually attractive and sexually aware, mostly remembered with affection - definitely not a slag in the normal sense!
Oh yeah! I remmber 'er! she wor a bit of a bogger!
by Minimidge September 22, 2006
a person from dromore west (it's in the back arse of nowhere, and they knida speake likhe dishhhhhhhhh). aka s0l!
"who lives near you!"
by colm December 14, 2003
a person who goes to your house to eat your food
Austin stop eating my food, your such a bogger
by little king RR March 20, 2011
A skater who tends to wear baggier clothes and chains. Often seen with a beanie and cut off jeans. Mainly listen to skater-punk and softer metal.

The term bogger comes from chavs saying that the chains that hang off them make them look like a toilet chain. and therefore a bog-chain.
Mosher: "I like metal, so i will wear alot of it amongst my clothes, for instance chains and heavy belts."

Skater: "I listn to a wide range of music and need to be able to skate freely, cut offs and skate shoes are best for me"

Bogger: "Im into rap metal and want to associate with that scene, but need to be able to skate well. Hang on a sec this might just work"
by Ricky-Acid October 27, 2007
a bogger usually follows the croud, their 45 year old mum usually looks like shes 60. their dad has hair coming from his ears.they despise townies,dubliners and anyone who says GAA is for gay people.
thats quare cowwwld boy!!

thats some bad.

lets go down to bogger-land!!!!

by lizzy18 June 6, 2007