Confused. Under a false illusion of the truth. Misinformed.
Wrong about something obvious.
Philip said I was complicated, but he's so dillusional.
by Syldra August 29, 2006
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The incorrect way of spelling "delusional" sometimes used while secretly snapchatting during long Charlie Brown rehearsals. People who use this word will believe that delusional is truly spelled d-i-l-l-u-s-i-o-n-a-l, however, they are just suffering from a dill pickle hangover.
"OMG girl you are supes dillusional! OF COURSE you can't walk around on a sprained ankle!!!!"
by All about that Brase October 24, 2015
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a disease a girl receives from consuming too much cum.
usually causes her not to realize guys only like her because she's a whore..
Friend 1: "Omg Sherrie is deffinately is suffering from CDS!"
Friend 2: " I know! How does she not know her boyfriends only going out with her for the constant fucking/BJs?"
Friend 1: Oh its such a shame what Cum-Dillusional Syndrome does to people...

by secretlovaaah February 8, 2009
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Having absurd fantasies regarding tasty tangy herbs.
Being dillusional is only half as serious as experiencing a dillemma, in dat you are merely missing your favorite condiment, rather than also wishing dat you had a significant other named Emma.
by QuacksO May 16, 2022
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a dillusional bitch is merely a psychotic bitch that will sell a dream so well that she will believe her own bullshit illusions, a dillusional bitch will find a way to fuck the whole world up around you because she is so fucking dillusional and will do whatever it takes to find a way to ruin your fucking life. fuck dillusional bitches, these bitches can be so fucking retarded that they literally become what we define as dillusional bitches.
amy said she was pregnant, but wanted to have a baby so bad that she was so dillusional to the fact the pregnancy test was negative but strongly believed it was positive to the point she was dillusional to her own illusions. this is symptoms of a dillusional bitch.
by mrdelgottorobotto69 November 14, 2022
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