20 definitions by kel

amu comes from minnisota.
by kel October 17, 2003
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frickin cool ass girl who met matt winter and rocks out with rooney

future girl of d. locke
damn i wish i was misty

- i just met matt
- you pulled a misty

mist you rock like the beatles
by kel October 8, 2004
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The kind of sick boy a girl like me could really miss!
by kel February 26, 2004
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A being who is weak, a snitch, disliked. In slang terms.. "a pussy". (N)
The kids a Quamp.. he didnt pay me.
by kel November 24, 2004
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To involve in intercorse while the female is on her period.
That bitch Quamped me..Now i got blood on my dick.
by kel November 20, 2004
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Fantastic, absolutely smashing. If you didn't have to sell the yoke.
"I still don't have my fuckin Broadband"
by kel September 1, 2003
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