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got to go ( Short hand )
when you don't have the time to write a long bye.
by kel December 09, 2003

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Better than hippies
Mods rule this town
by Kel February 25, 2004

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A song by Tool.
"Hooker With a Penis" is Maynard's reaction to a teenage boy who accused him of "selling out".
by Kel June 03, 2004

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Billy Martin of Good Charlotte. You need a definition?! (hot, cool, sweet, amazing, talented.......etc.)
None found. He's one of a kind.
by kel March 17, 2004

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Of, or pretaining to someone not believeing a word is real
Gina was actillimandataquerin altosapaoyabayadoondib ab about the word actillimandataquerin altosapaoyabayadoondib ab
by kel February 18, 2003

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A being who is weak, a snitch, disliked. In slang terms.. "a pussy". (N)
The kids a Quamp.. he didnt pay me.
by Kel November 23, 2004

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In Situations where you feel a lesser man then ur peers, and thus the feeling of a small dick man.
Damn, I'm suspended from driving for 3 months, man!!, I feel like a small dick man right now.
by Kel October 20, 2004

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