20 definitions by kel

Billy Martin of Good Charlotte. You need a definition?! (hot, cool, sweet, amazing, talented.......etc.)
by kel March 18, 2004
when you don't have the time to write a long bye.
by kel December 10, 2003
A Person Or Thing That Enjoys water
"I Myself Am A 'Shmogar' Jed However Is Not"
by kel August 2, 2003
In Situations where you feel a lesser man then ur peers, and thus the feeling of a small dick man.
Damn, I'm suspended from driving for 3 months, man!!, I feel like a small dick man right now.
by kel October 20, 2004
to deposit felch by mouth into another person's mouth
after he felched me he scorched me... gross
by kel February 15, 2005