colloq. phr. - expression used to convey admiration, gratitude, and/or affection. Often appears in conversations when one has impressed the other; whether it be by a show of one's talent or skill, or generosity and kindness at heart. Also effectively used in casual conversation as informal expression of love, especially when in the presence of others.
After a particularly "attentive" evening of lovemaking, the next morning Laura said to Chris, "You rock", while amongst their group of friends, though she was really saying "I love you so much and you are the MAN"
by Maya Oaxaca July 22, 2006
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too be soo cool, to be really nifty
hey, nicole you rock so hard core
by shelbylee April 7, 2006
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derived from new "old School" verb - meaning unsurpassed aka ectasy, or no equivalent to such a heightened state of pleasure. usually the recipiant of the "rocker" will identify the one who "rocks" immediately Note: "You rock" supercedes all other compliments.
by Sierra Bailey October 15, 2004
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US: Used to convey the idea of someone being cool or worthy, or that they have done something really amazing.

UK: Used by British people trying to bum lick others. Usually those trying to be ´Fake Americans´ and immitate characters from TV series such as Friends, Will and Grace or the Simpsons. Usually makes the user appear really stupid.
American Dude: ´Hey man, that show was awesome, you rock

British Boss (AKA Dickhead) ´That presentation was really good, you rock!´
by BlueCollar2009 February 3, 2010
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A form of trolling originating from Smite where you use the quick chat to say "You rock!" then quickly say "Cancel that." It it used to tell players they're garbage.
Loses a 1v5

"You rock! Cancel that"
by Onandonandomnom April 15, 2021
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You saw something you preferred not to, but you're a forgiving person so you let it rock.
Bae: "What did I do?"
You: It's whatever babe. I'm gonna let you rock.
by RealistDudeAround February 23, 2016
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