Solidly built, broad-shouldered in proportion to height; may imply well-padded as well.
She prefers stocky guys over the bishonen type.
by Qit el-Remel April 14, 2009
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Confusing adjective because there are multiple definitions in different dictionaries...

1) Big man with broad shoulders.
2) Short round man.
Girl #1: I went out with this tall guy last night, he said he was stocky in his emails, but he was short and round.
Girl #2: Oh... then he was stocky.
by Alfie The Horndog September 22, 2005
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1. a large penis.
2. a man with a large penis, average and above leangth, but with extreem girth, 6" and up.
Girl 1: damn girl we could hear the 2 of you from out-side lastnight.

Trina: OMG, u dont even know. Zane is soooo Stocky, he nearly tor me in half. it felt sooo good.

Girl 1: lucky bitch
by TrinaB May 31, 2007
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Mariafel, Fat, plump, Chubby
"Wow, That guy is a realy stocky person"
"why is that?"
"Hes fat like mariafel"

"Wow that guy is lookin really Mariafel today.."
by Katherine123 January 26, 2007
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stocky is a form of albino, usually a result of a nuclear accident, e.g. cherynobl
that fucking albino stocky had sex with clare
by isach November 2, 2004
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Solid body, strong, short, full
-You stocky just how I like them!

-He's stocky, he can definitely hold up that girl!

-She's stocky, and won't drop those weights!
by Forced2Fly February 9, 2019
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Refers to the stock standard rims or wheels on a car.
nice rims dude!
Yeah thanks, too good for burnouts, use the stockies for that.
by tweeked July 17, 2006
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