67 definition by jr

what a woman tells she likes you as when she is really saying "no fucking way".
"I like you as a friend though..." - Man being shot down by good looking woman.
by JR May 28, 2004

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large, as given by Foamy!
I don't want a ven-tee cup of coffee, I want a large!
by JR January 06, 2005

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(v) during the act of sex, rather than ejaculating, the male urinates inside the female's vagina. This is not recommended, and is only for sick f's who would want to do this like my friend Dennis.
1. Instead of cumming inside of his girlfriend, Dennis chooses to give her a rusty louie.
2. Instead of getting up and going to the bathroom, I can use my girlfriend's vagina for a urinal and give her a rusty louie.
3. "Hey billy, what did you and your girlfriend do last night?" "I gave her a rusty louie man."
4. I was about to cum, but I switched it up to a rusty louie.
by JR September 01, 2003

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sperm-dong juice whatever you want to call it
mindy got a face full of cock vomit
by jr December 11, 2004

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when you take such a massive shit it splashes in the water so hard it gets piss water all over your nuts.
"that shit was so huge i got a free ball wash"
by jr December 11, 2004

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The use of irony.
Isn't it ironic that a song entitle "Ironic" has nothing to do with irony.
by JR December 02, 2003

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A phrase used in extreme circumstances when something unbeleivable has occured. Commonly used by Edinburger schemies who have moved to the Aberdonian pikey council estates. Phrase originates from down under where chavs cannot understand gravity and fall off the planet.
Holey moley lachlan doley!!! Is that Candice fae doon the road wi a new luminus pink hairbobble????
by JR March 29, 2004

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