67 definition by jr

Any night leading to the act of "Anal" sex with a female. Term usually used toward a girl having a good party night.Saying was made as joke but usually taken literally!Term Created by owner of club Levels in Houston..
ex.Damn girl you look good, pooper night for you!
by jr March 23, 2005

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my goofy boss who combines what he is trying to say with what he is thinking and it all comes out of his mouth in a jumbled mess
hey, got take care of that stuff i told you to go do about the other stuff when you are done finished snacking lunch.
by jr December 11, 2004

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what vampires call a female woman
Mr. Reardon saw a hot looking femae in his bat cave.
by jr February 22, 2005

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Meganne R is funny, sweet, nice, and i cant get her out of my head. I still love her with all my heart, even after so long.
I Still love Meganne, even after this long
by JR January 20, 2005

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human turds, usually not in a toilet
i stepped into an alley to take a wizz and stepped in some bum's ass mud
by jr December 11, 2004

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The act of having Sexual Intercourse.
Friend- {knock knock} Are you doing the trouser tango, John?
John- Shut up, I'm busy!
Jane- {moans}
by JR April 09, 2005

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the brown trails on the toilet bowl after flushing a very dense turd
walter took a massive dump and left the bowl full of mud slides
by jr December 11, 2004

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