219 definition by jordan

Verb; To Smush. Smushing, Smushed.
A combination of the acts of blushing and smiling heavily.
Originaly inspired by the merging of 2 "emoticons" in MSN Messenger smushing is starting to make it's way into popular speech.
I was talking to this cute girl the other day and she gave me a great compliment, I couldn't stop smushing.
by Jordan June 11, 2004

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A place where MAGGIE lives. MAGGIE, just happens to be the coolest person over there in duncanville. But she keeps it cool!
Man, I wish i was as cool as MAGGIE in duncanville.
by Jordan November 25, 2004

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a bitch who thinks that they are a god because the wear gay ass american asshole and abercrombie and bitch you know stuff like that
i suck dick because im a preppie
by jordan March 07, 2004

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Girl with huge tits and has sex daily.
Did you see that girl Elizibeth, she had huge boobs.
by Jordan June 09, 2004

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to be very ill, and take a green , diarea shit, and wipe it on a stick and serve it for lunch, along with a topping of several quiffs
Im going to pull a big green apple splatter on your mother.
by Jordan January 16, 2004

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Overrated handheld made by Sony. Is being PWND by the DS. It's not known by everyone, but the DS actually CAN play movies and stuff.
Check it out! I'm on the internet with my PSP! Isn't it- *battery dies*
by Jordan April 24, 2005

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As a former Klansman, I can confirm that the definition of 311 below is indeed correct!

The eleventh letter of the alphabet is the letter "K"; thus 3 times 11 equals "KKK," or Ku Klux Klan. 311 is sometimes used as a greeting to demonstrate membership in the KKK or simply sympathy with the Klan and its ideology.

There is also a popular rock band with the name "311" which is not at all hate-oriented, completely different meaning.
This is not bullshit, 311 is also used by KKK members!

Great band too, not in any way affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan or any other racist groups.
by Jordan July 03, 2006

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