219 definition by jordan

to pull out ur nine and shoot u
(Whitey acting like a black)
black guy: Im gonna pull out my nine and bust a cap on his ass.
by Jordan March 14, 2005

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Some crazy expression used in a dumbass Aerosmith song called Darkness. Stigmatic's song called darkenss is 1000 times better.
I am scared of pookers so ill visit www.stigmaticband.com
by Jordan March 15, 2004

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1.)Being wrong about someone's religion purposly to be a fucking ass licker 2.) Racist towards black people 3.) Unknowning that your insulting a confrotation man of a GOD and you'll be soon friend with a lighting-thunder bolt up your ass hole.
1.)Quit calling me a Dick it's Religionously Incorrect!
2.) He's black! Damn Now I'm religionously Incorrect
3.)I had to get stiches in my ass hole causes I thought he was Jewish, and not Russian Orthodox.
by Jordan February 04, 2003

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a male that pwnts teh vacuum cleaner up and down the floor every nite
why dont you makela that thing
d00d, Jordan wants to makela with you tonight
by Jordan January 25, 2005

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Defined as the pinnacle of pop music and everything beautiful in this day in age. From the year 1998 until now Britney has done nothing but amaze and entertain. She's beautiful, talented, and funny. She is truly an idol that everyone can be proud of. I don't care who you are, or whether or not you listen to her music, you have to admit, she's got charm.
Remember the 2000 VMA Striptease?
That was effing marvelous. Sexy, provacative, and entertaining. AMAZING.
by Jordan April 07, 2005

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One of them niggas that be running around the bend sippin on 40's like the old days.
A yo I just seen that bitch ass lollerskate down this way.
by Jordan January 17, 2004

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either a phallus or a silly fool
You are such a Tallywhacker, jimbob.
by Jordan March 24, 2003

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