219 definition by jordan

F.A.G Fine ass Girl, a pretty girl with lots of confidence, really say it around people that know about it cuz if not other people will think ur gay i think i dunno but i say !Fine Ass Girl! thats me!!
Girl imma F.A.G its all about the fine ass girl up in herre!!
by Jordan March 11, 2005

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dirty white trash
dont fuck with dwt or yu might get shanked
by Jordan July 30, 2003

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verb - die sucking cock (used as an insult to girls)
Blue was like "DSC BITCH!"
by jordan January 05, 2005

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A white person who pretends that they are black
Eminem is suck a blackie
by Jordan April 07, 2003

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someone who loves whirlled peas and faggots
man savannah is such a money mouth
by jordan September 06, 2004

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a cool Person to hang out with and such an idiot!!
Roya is a dork. but i love her.
by Jordan July 03, 2003

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We have a 2002 Grand Cherokee Limited Edition. V8 4.7L. I beat my friends Mustang up to 140km/hr off the line- then the weight of the SUV kicked in and he caught and passed me.
I live in Saint John, New Brunswick and I drive too damn fast
by Jordan October 11, 2004

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