this is charlie bravo golf bravo reporting a 311 at bradywine and nebraska
by kaleena March 3, 2003
if you have any questions, call the cities hotline at 3-1-1
by Anonymous November 6, 2003
Man, I can hear her from the other side of the warehouse. You can always tell when 311 is in the building.
by jigggyjus February 13, 2009
The non-emergency counterpart of 911.
I think we're lost, call 311.
by LudwigVan November 13, 2003
Similar to the number 411 although it can be used in some cities to hear information on community based gatherings i.e concerts and basically checking whats up in your city.
DDuude Edgar checked 311 this mornin and theres no school man!
by laideback December 13, 2004
A band formed in Omaha, Nebraska. Their name came after a few of the members were arrested for nudity in a public pool. The police code was 311 and stuck on as a joke. They've always been ahead of the sound and have continued to produce awesome CDs, and live shows. Props to 311. One of the better bands still around since the early 90s/1989
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
the best fucking band ever. they mix funk, rap, rock, reggae and who knows what else all together to create something wonderful. they are in my opinion the best band ever and i couldn't go one day without singing the song "offbeat bareass". their cd's that they currently have out are music, grassroots, omaha sessions, from chaos, transistor, live, evolver, and others that are unreleased. they are releasing a new album in july!!! YESS!!!
by Tiffany April 6, 2005