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A rack is (1) thousand cash could be within a rubber band. RACK & STACK are commonly confused in urban slang. 10 racks equals a stack. 100 racks equals one(1) book. 1000 racks equals one(1) bible. Also see stack bible book
Jen: How much money do you have to spend at the club?

Tom: 8 racks

Note: Technically equals = $8,000
by joey jaw breakers FLA February 02, 2017

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To be in 100% control of a particular situation, and to have previously orchestrated a favourable conclusion.
Dang Mack, "Why would you kick that fine girl to the curb?" Listen man, don't you worry about me, "I got it on lock"
by joey jaw breakers FLA March 07, 2010

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To be very funny in a very slick way
Bro, you always catch me off guard, you got a very dry sense of humor.
by joey jaw breakers FLA January 30, 2010

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One of the craziest counterfeit stories, fake news, copycat goods, knockoff version, and a straight replica of Black Lives Matter Movement. Blue Lives Matter flag with the modified USA flag is a clear symbol of disrespect and racism with a indirect statement that the BLM flag is a symbol of racism. Based on complaints from police organizations and its demonstration to promote a social movement for a bunch of nerdy narcs that wish they could be like the cool kids but cannot. Simply a way for the KKK to remain active for future years, while opposing the real issue at hand to continue to do whatever they want without any oversight. Extremists, (White, Brown, Yellow, & Black) one should automatically know that the display of the Blue Lives Matter flag is racist and/or white supremacist.
hey did you see on the news a cop and a black guy was in a standoff today. They both drew and pulled the trigger at the same time. Shot each other in the hearts. They both died instantly. Too bad. Anyways...….I don't care what happened the police are always right. "Blue Lives Matter"!
by joey jaw breakers FLA August 11, 2019

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