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A Book is like .. a non-volatile, stable database that does not lose data no matter how many times you drop it, spill your beer on it, or close it incorrectly. Books are more stable even than Optical Media. Storage is only limited by the amount of space and volume that the owner can physically carry. Some storage units seem to last for years, and whilst the background colour or 'fill' of the pages may degrade to a kind of #F5F5DC beige, the actual data is still readily retrievable.

Books were used for storage before computers. The only reason computers were invented was due to the poor fire retardant properties of the base materials used in the manufacture of books (especially those books used to upset the tribal elders of religious groups) and because books were easy to steal data from. Books have also been used to store ideas for Movies That No-one Has Made Yet.
Bill: 'What's that in your backpack next to your lappie?'
Ted: 'It's a book'
Bill: 'WoW, that's 2665 !'
by KeithMyArthe September 23, 2012
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Books are amazing things that were forgotten after the internet came along. Some still enjoy reading, others groan whenever someone tells them to read. They would rather wait for the movie to come out. Books ARE movies. They transport you to amazing worlds, they let your imagination run free. Not all books are interesting,but the ones that are...Amazing.
Zac Effron: You have one a contest and can go one one date with me!

*girl turns page of books*
Zac: Hello?

*Teenage girl gasps*
Zac: NOW she sees me!

Teenage girl: He's dead!


Teenage girl: Newt is dead!
by downbythelake April 06, 2013
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A piece of your soul. Something that can break you and crush you, but can also make your life. Life's way of entertainment. The building block of otp fangirls anything book related. My life.
Me:Have you read any good books lately?

Friend: What are books?

Me:How are we friends
by Heyilovebooks February 22, 2014
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Portable sanctuaries.
Books can provide such wonderful escapes. They are like your own little sanctuary and you have a wide choice to lose yourself in. :)
by Rina Lam January 04, 2012
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a book is a place to let your mind run free from reality, you are given words that you can completely make your own with just the way you think. a book is one of gods greatest gifts. and with new technolegy the number of books is going down and with that so is the number of people with imagination. to many they are just words assembled on pages but to others they are a work of art creating their own world.
"why do you like books so much?"
" because when i read i go into my own little world, so i can escape from the horror of reality"
by Verocica roth April 17, 2014
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Words have power. Books have power. Words start wars. Words end wars. Words have freed slaves, created new countries, and built confederacies. Words have power. Books are composed of words. When organized in a certain way, books can inspire people to do great things, or ignite a terrible plan. Even the simplest non-fiction books have influenced one person in a unique and amazing way. Books have power.
Books are just movies before the actors. You get to watch the whole thing play out in your head. The best part is, YOU are the producer. YOU choose the cast. YOU make the props. YOU make the movie happen, and it is unique to each and every person. Books allow you to put some words on paper to life inside your head. Unique to your understanding.
One of the best parts of reading is being transported into a different place. When an author writes with so much detail that you can feel what it is like to be there, you are reading a good book. I don't know why we can't actually be transported there. But it is almost just as good to feel the emotions in the book. One of the best things in life is reading a book that has done such a good job at creating a new world that you can almost go there. Get trapped in a book and never return. You won't regret it.
In the end, reading a book is a way of escaping to a fictional/non-fictional reality that allows your imagination to run wild. Books are powerful.
Person A: What's that?
Person B: A book. It's one of those things that old people used to use to get information before Google.
Person A: Don't they tell stories sometimes.
Person B: Yes, and reading a story in a book is one of the best things I have ever done.
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by latenightthoughts March 13, 2017
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