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word used to describe someone or something that is fake or something that is a lie.
example one:
"that stuck up bitch with the pound of makeup caked on her face is counterfeit as fuck."

example two:
"if i ever catch you trying to buy anything from my shop with a counterfeit bill, ill blow your fucking head clean off."

example three:
"she keeps telling me she loves me, but to me it seems pretty counterfeit."
by counterfeitmeaning May 05, 2010
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A person that dresses, talks, and acts wealthy, but is faker than a three dollar bill.

You may find people like this in your school, place of business, or public transit sporting a fake Gucci or Lois Vuitton, acting as if they are above you, but really they just have a really good sugar daddy.
Oh Becky look at that counterfeit over there, should we tell her her Lois is fake?
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by Huangho February 13, 2019
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A word you use when someone steals your meme. Screw you john.
"dude why did you counterfeit my meme." "Why did you use counterfeit?" "I saw it on the urbon dictionary
by InfinityBoi November 17, 2018
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