Clearly free and you definitely need one
What’s A Bible ? Something you definitely need sis.
by Vinnyismyman❤️ October 17, 2019
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A bible is (1,000,000) one milion dollars cash could be bundled within rubber bands or what have you.

STACK & RACK are commonly confused in urban slang.

Book & Bible are unknown even to the most highest levels of street-smart individuals even in high-society.

1000 is a rack
1000 racks equals one(1) bible.

100 stacks equals a bible.

10 books equals a bible.

Breakdown as follows:
Rack = $1000

Stack = $10,000
Book = $100,000
Bible = $1,000,000
Jen: How much money do you have in that money market account?

Tom: around 17 bibles

Note: Technically equals = $17,000,000
by joey jaw breakers FLA June 21, 2022
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Another way to say "I swear", or to make someone believe you are legit telling the truth. When you "bible it" you better not be lying or you will rot in hell. Also a phrase the Kardashians use and the OVP.
Olivia: Lady I saw your boyfriend cheat on you.

Kali: I don't believe you, my boyfriend would never cheat on me.

Olivia: I BIBLE IT.

Kali: Oh man! He is getting it.
by peaceovppeace November 8, 2010
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That book that gets people kicked out of the library for putting it in the fiction section.
Sorry I can't go to the library today, I got kicked out for putting the Bible into the fiction section.
by The Final Facade November 23, 2014
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A book written to record, what it's authors assumed to be, thet creation of human species.
The Bible in two sentences: God creates petting zoo. Things get out of hand.
by Arinthalas April 16, 2011
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The most ingenious marketing ploy ever to have existed
Over 1 billion users can't be wrong!
by bbbbbbb June 19, 2005
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To sit in a library for a countless amount of time, attempting to do Bible Homework, but really just discussing every day life.
Ashley and David were bibleing it up today in the library.
by President Manahan November 30, 2011
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