82 definitions by jimbob

Acronym for Home Of My Stories and Rants, or www.homsar.com
by JimBob May 01, 2003
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Home of the best salami in the world.
I want reconstituted pig, better get Milano salamo
by Jimbob March 18, 2005
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another word for surfing used by ...... me
im going skerfing
by jimbob May 10, 2003
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some faggy ass bastard not from my small corner of the globe
dat dere towel wearin fag is from some forn country
by jimbob September 16, 2003
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AC schnitzer... best aftermarket company EVAR!!!
by jimbob February 15, 2003
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A ugly lookin skinny crack head from TOPSY! Cowboy Up, or put your pussy in the truck!!!
Austin Hollow Head
by Jimbob July 25, 2003
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a moose that looks like a) a wild mountain pickle or b) a evil mung pickle.
the pickleweasel garumphed over the shazwar
by Jimbob December 10, 2003
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