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giving someone a reach-around who is totally obsessed with Bruce Willis.
We were watching Die Hard, and the next thing you know, I was giving him a Major Falcon.
by jenn August 16, 2004
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A college in New York attended primarily by white, preppy rich kids from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut who were popular and social in highschool, making everyone at Marist stuck up and crazy. Located in the sketchy town of Poughkeepsie, commonly called Po-town by Marist students. A Marist student can be identified as a Polo shirt wearing, SUV driving, partier.
Dude, my collar's popped and my ID's fake, let's go to the bar cuz we're Marist students!
by jenn November 17, 2004
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Actor who is best known for his portrayal of Charlie on Party of Five and currently as Jack on Lost.
Did you see what Jack did on last week's Lost?
by jenn March 05, 2005
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When ones shit is popping out of ones ass but they keep squeezing it back inside so they dont take a poop.
Katie was prarie doggin it when she was at Lauren's house because she didnt want to stink out the bathroom.
by jenn April 11, 2004
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(v) to badger, to try to get information out of someone/about someone; to snoop
You really shouldn't pry.
by jenn December 06, 2003
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Code word for acid. Used in the phrase "wearing sandals", meaning "tripping acid".
Dude, you should have been there last night. I was wearing sandals.
by jenn May 06, 2005
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