events that are too epic for reality; dealing with ideas or matters in a way that is not realistic; impractical or visionary
'Are you even real lionel?'

'That night was unreal.'
by klotzzzzz January 11, 2009
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Me: okay Siri, name me something that is unrealistic
Siri: matt and annie’s Relationship
by Ultimateluck February 10, 2018
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The Unrealistic Dreamer is a random series of unplanned and awkward mistakes crashing together to compose something both beautiful and heartbreaking. He or she is a fierce protector, fast and strong, intellectual and scientific, romantic and lonely, all at once. He or she is, contrary to first impression, very realistic and clear-thinking, and sees past the smokescreen that is 'life' to see the levers and pulleys that run the machine, thus enabling them to conquer the major trials of modern life fairly easily, although the small things such as being social do not come as easily. an Unrealistic Dreamer is an enigma to be analyzed, a precious treasure to be discovered, hiding in plain sight, merged unconventionally with his or her surroundings.
Unrealistic Dreamer - a person that resembles a mix between an escapist, a poet, a genius, and a schizophrenic.
by SomewhereNowhere December 15, 2009
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A level of pressure that doesn't apply to what is being done. For example, the kind of pressure some people put towards sports, even though sports are not life or death scenarios, is an unrealistic level of pressure put toward something that isn't meant to be taken as seriously as it already is.
Unrealistic pressure goes with unrealistic expectations. Once people try and go beyond doing something for enjoyment to doing it just to break or tie another record, or to make statistics that nobody else has, they have lost sight of why people originally began at sports.
by The Original Agahnim July 18, 2021
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Expecting somebody to find and do something impossible.
The teenager commited suicide due to unmet unrealistic exectations by someone in his family. Unrealistic expectations are the kind where somebody is really never going to be good enough, even if they did something impossible, then they went on and did a thousand more impossible things.
by The Original Agahnim July 25, 2021
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Wow my modren met... Only one of those is unrealistic.
Hym "So, I took a peak at this article by 'my modern met' and it's called 'A.I. generates the perfect people and something something unrealistic beauty standards,' right? And the pictures they show is 1. A regular looking attractive Hispanic woman (Who is as a matter of fact NOT more attractive than Salma Hayek) and 2. The most shredded guy that could ever possibly exist. 0% body fat. So much muscle that you couldn't actually fit thay much muscle on a man with out him being larger. Obviously had a 12 pack. More shredded than a comic book character. Even the male fantasy of fitness pales in comparison to the A.I. generated man. I mean, you can't see the fat bulge in his artificially generated trousers but you know it's there. So, according to A.I. Salma Hayek is beyond perfect and the perfect man is a 9 foot tall Arnold Schwarzenegger who got hit with a shrink ray. You can't have that much muscle and be that small but BOTH of those are somehow unrealistic. It's unrealistic for a woman to be less attractive than Salma Hayek. It's wild. Look it up."
by Hym Iam May 28, 2023
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Expectations that shouldn't be but are.
This rock band Solence has unrealistic expectations of their audience, they are daring the audience to come and beat them up. Not only does it not make sense to dare a bunch of people you never met (that you would otherwise have no problem with) and who have never met you (and would otherwise have no problem with you) to come and beat you up. The logistics of it alone for them to locate these guys based on what time they're going to be where and trying to pinpoint them even though the audience members trying to do all this stuff have to work the next day, it's an unrealistic expectation and the band knows it when they write lyrics like that. What kind of audience member has time to go find and beat up some band member they never met?
by The Original Agahnim November 10, 2021
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