Slang for slightly drunk; frequently used in the bay area, equivalent to tipsy
yea, i was a lil perked at the party last night.
by jorge199 April 26, 2007
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drunk from a alcoholic beverage or vicadin
i was so perked last night, i woke up in the gutter of jack in the box
by jenn July 1, 2003
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Wouldn't it be better for, like, Percoset? Due to the obvious phoenetic similarities?
Dude, I was totally perked last night.

Tell me about it. You fucking pissed yourself.
by Marcel Leroux August 26, 2004
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Someone who is very high, dumb and blonde, in a cute way.
she totally went all perk perk after that bong hit
by Dudeltet August 5, 2015
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Perk is a man who spends most of his time online being bullied. He is mostly known as a soy boy liberal online, and has a tendency to cry about people hurting his feelings. He is often seen as weak and pathetic by others in the online community. Despite his emotional tendencies, Perk continuously returns to the community despite announcing that he will never return. This constant back and forth has made him a laughing stock among other players.

Perk has also gained a reputation for financially supporting other players who ignore him. This is seen as a desperate attempt to gain attention and affection from others since he lacks attention outside of the online community. However, Perk is not just someone who seeks attention. He also spends a considerable amount of time online looking for conflict with others. He enjoys arguing with people and starting drama, which has lead to many conflicts online.

Overall, Perk is a man who is unhappy with his life and seeks to fill the void with attention from others online. His constant crying and needy behavior has made him a figure of ridicule among other players. We one day hope that Okay Butt won't live rent free in his head.
I'm going to leave and never return = Perk returns the next day
by Sparc Mac Community September 10, 2023
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a special privelige or side benefit.
Sleeping with many beautiful women is one of the perks of being a rock star.
by kingman November 18, 2003
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to act stupid or loosen up due to the effects of alcohol or drugs
Yo, I was perking off of that Vodka, I couldn't even stand up.
by that dozen May 1, 2005
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