the fastest 86,000 seconds of your entire week. typically spent running errands or asleep.
i'm so glad to finally have a day off after working 70 hours this week
by AlphaVegan August 17, 2011
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the constant grind, hustle, and struggle, usually to show the level of tired someone is on
'bout to hit up these weights #nodaysoff

Maaan, I ain't going through THAT again, no days off...
by thatbawss March 8, 2012
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A more polite way of saying "fuck off", usually used when someone has been annoying for a long time and he who says it is at his wit's end.
John: Hey, look at this other Pepe meme!
Dave: Have a day off, John.
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When you have a day off work and end up doing household chores. Coined because the Dutch are believed to gain great satisfaction from domestic duties.
Pieter: Hey Jeremy, darling, guess what I did on my day off? Three loads of washing, cleaned the toilet and I even sorted your sock drawer!

Jeremy: Oh, bless! A perfect Dutch day off!
by BonoboBoy September 30, 2011
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Day, days or weekends when you do nothing except sleep, eat, have sex, and watch movies and chat.
I am having a sexual day off.

- What did you guys do?

- We had a sexual day off in the country.
by AnotherMiller July 10, 2021
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a day taken of with the excuse of being sick
tomorrow is my friend's birthday , I'm gonna take a Ferris's day off
by that guy Ferris October 29, 2017
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