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a very dependable, midsized sedan, with good gas mileage, and an affordable price.
"what you paid $50,000 on a new mercedes and it broke down already. that sucks,i just bought a new accord with navigation, leather seats, front and side air bags,and dvd. then with the other $25,000 i bought a big ass boat."
by jaytee October 19, 2005
emphasizes a stentence, or means with ease
"yo, i aced that test Dirty Style"


"yo, you know katie"
"i hit that shit Dirty Style"
by jaytee October 20, 2005
A cock that is not stiff enough for penetrating sex. Often as a result from having been drinking too much wine.
After having been fluffed for hours Rocco had to give up admitting that he suffered from wine cock that night.
by jaytee August 30, 2003
originated from the "one" a phrase used in place of goodbbye,shows seriousness,used in the movie "belly"
person #1: yo, i found the guy that robbed you last week.

Person #2: fo real?? aight i got my piece and i'll be there in five minutes.

person #1: aight one.

Person #2: one hundred.
by jaytee October 20, 2005
driving in an automobile while having atleast a felony charge worth of illegal drugs and or unregistered firearms with you.

(sirens blaring)
dude #1: oh shit the cops.
dude #2: whats going on
dude #1: load this gat
dude #2: what the fuck, why?
dude #1: cuz i'm ridin dirty
dude #2: oh....alright(loads gun and aims at the police cruiser)
by jaytee October 22, 2005
refers to jehova or "god"
a nick-name rapper jay-z has given himself as the god or savior of rap
by jaytee October 19, 2005
well, doesnt he look like that milkdud man? or something? i forgot..
milkduds are good, but ross isnt. he looks like one tho
by jaytee August 15, 2003