It is a women performing fellatio on a man (usually a porn star) to prepare him for action in front of the camera
Sarah fluffed him for a long time before he was ready.
by Tanmanjohn February 5, 2009
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A technique used in most pornographic films today. When the male star has to get "aroused" for the camera he is fluffed beforehand.

A stagehand, someone usually chosen just for this job, either gives the star a hand or blow job.
John Holmes had a 13" cock, but he had troubles getting it up during shoots. He needed to be fluffed before he could perform.
by hard_virus June 5, 2005
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To break wind, usually in small or cute amounts.
*parp* Oops, I've just fluffed.
by Stevie_the_Great February 19, 2008
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The act of increasing your friends' self-esteem by complimenting him or flirting with him, even if you have no real interest in dating him.
Don't worry about me and Eric, I was just fluffing him up.
by Rabid Nozomi September 20, 2009
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The act of adjusting ones testicles due to stickiness, sweatyness or discomfort.
Can also be described as "Fluffng the pillows."
I spent 2 and half minuets fluffing my pillows after the basketball game.
by Col.Blumpkin March 15, 2010
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the girls started fluffing the men at the front of the queue
by Rich Smith January 24, 2003
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