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It is a women performing fellatio on a man (usually a porn star) to prepare him for action in front of the camera
Sarah fluffed him for a long time before he was ready.
by Tanmanjohn February 04, 2009
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when you pass gas and a little feces lands on your underwear
fart, farted, passed gas ,doo dooed, pooted
when you wash a man's underwear and see that he has f'luffed.
by toypayne March 23, 2006
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After many amounts af alcohol, one becomes totally fluffed. Unable to establish the also becomes totally vulnerable.-
''Aww god, for fucks fluffed!!!''
by Abb!3 - D33 May 17, 2007
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Fluffed or Fluffed up refers to the feeling of getting meat caught in your teeth but not being able to get it out
Im feeling pretty fluffed from the steak I just had
by slipkn0X January 04, 2009
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