is a 4 door car (v.s. a 2 door car reffered to as a coupe)
Last nights party ended ubruptly in the back seat of the sedan with the sheriff in the front seat.
by Curt April 6, 2005
Town in (North)Eastern France were France got pwned badly by Germany on September 1st 1870.
Hey, today is the 25th anniversary of the Sedan battle!
by Sidonie Grasenabb January 26, 2004
To be drunk enough (after a Long Black Sedan Band show) to pass out and wake up with cigarette butts in your mouth and beer bottle caps embedded into your forhead.
Joe got sedaned and got up close and personal with the floor of Jacoby's restroom.
by Nicotine March 11, 2003

1. A redneck who is not even redneck enough to drive a pickup truck. Instead he or she drives a low-end American-made sedan, usually a Dodge Neon, Chevy Malibu or other equivalent type.

2. A lower class among hicks. Not a true redneck enough to hold a manual-labor job, so does not drive a pickup truck like normal rednecks.

There was a traffic jam of sedan rednecks outside of Wal-Mart today during the lunch break.
by thaks June 1, 2006
A four door hemi-beating, coyote whoopin, rice rapin, Holden Made Beast, with the Safety of Subis, the lux tech of Lexus, and the imfamous RWD tire shredding 6.2L LS3 power, all wrapped in a sleeper package, with a Chevy Badge...and it has parking assist!
I just double gapped a 392 Hemi Charger on the highway with my Chevy SS Sedan. Ha! He thought it was a Malibu!
by Not A Malibu November 22, 2016
When a guy's dick is halfway hard.
Guy: dude i have a mid-sized sedan right now.
by Sam L Jackson February 1, 2016