a rapper with abnormally large lips.

Oh, and also associated with Beyonce, Def Jam,Rihanna, and has beef with Nas.

But, mostly, has very, very large lips.
Girl 1: "Did you see Leeza's new lips?"
Girl 2: "Ohmigosh, I know, EW."
Girl 1: "Yeah,I heard she was going for an Angelina Jolie look, but her doctor went crazy with the collage and now she looks like Jay-Z!"
by Dakica February 11, 2008
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Used to describe anyone who gets murked by a man named Nasir Jones
I Was Scarface, Jay Was Manolo
It Hurt Me When I Had To Kill Him, And His Whole Squad For Dolo
by 3rd Disciple January 18, 2005
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jay z aint that bad of a rapper, but Nas smoked his ass with ether.
jay-z cant hold a candle to nas, ether was best diss song ever.
by dk13 October 12, 2006
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A rapper who is very talented, yet horribly overrated.He doesnt even make the top 10, barely making the top 25.Hes w/o a doubt NOT the best rapper ever, not even close.However, he's still talented, and has some amazing tracks like Dead Presidents II, and 99 Problems.However, he also has tons of commercial trash.

However, he is also probably the smartest rapper alive

After getting murdered by NaS, Jay saw he was losing miserably in their beef.So how does the dude come back on top?He gets control over Def Jam, signs NaS, and then keeps pushing back Nasir's CD untill Jay is ready to drop his right around the same time, yet push his own CD on advertisements much much much more, so he still ends up selling more and it looks like he beat NaS.Then he signs a horrible rapper, Young Jeezy, who is somehow insanely popular, and puts his CD coming out RIGHT around NaS's CD so it looks like some whack dude outsold Nasir, and then Jay can really show people that he beat NaS that bad.That was a dirty, slick, and ingenius move.I gotta give him props for that one.

However, hes run Def Jam to the ground, and gives no others in Def Jam advertisement.
Jay-z is a talented rapper but the most overrated rapper alive.
by ~PrObL3M ChiLd~ October 25, 2006
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Jay-Z has made an important, lasting artistic contribution to music, and we should all- fuck it, who am I kidding?
by The Rock And Roll Hero November 29, 2005
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Rapper.Gets his money cuz of other artists. he can be seen as the "Don King" of rap/hip hop. He's not rich cuz of his tracks, but off the business he handles on the side. no doubt hes rich, but lyrically speaking, hes wack. The day he uses original lyrics and makes good hits will be the day he's considered a true legend. I think Nas is still the best around. Not just because of the diss on Hova, but because his songs deal with the true life struggles of everyday people and issues concerning the world. jay-z is NOT on the level of Nas, lyrically. real talk.
Broken glass in the hallway bloodstained floors
Neighbors look at every bag you bring through your doors
Lock the top lock momma shoulda cuffed me to the radiator
Why not? It might've saved me later from my block
N.Y. cops hookers crawlin off the stroll, coughin
stitches in they head, stinkin and I dread thinkin they be snitchin
But who else, could it be, shook at these, unmarked vans
Parked in the dark -- NARC's, where's your heart?
Hustlers starve; they bust a U-e I jog
to my building -- come out later wearin camouflage
See the sergeant and the captain -- strangle men
Niggaz gaspin for air; til they move no more and just stare
with dead eyes -- tired of riots, shit is quiet
Simple-minded fools infiltrate grimy crews
Overcrowded cribs, uncles home from bids, sister's pregnant
father's on drugs, moms is smokin, beds is piss-infested
Had eight partners growin up, eight turned to seven
Seven turned to six niggaz, got two in heaven
Six of us, holdin it, now it's five rollin thick
The sixth one's parole flipped; five niggaz, went to fo' quick
when he went O.T., college life, converted into gangbangin
Four niggaz still hangin, years passed and slang changin
Three of us now, fourth nigga ain't around
We all thought he was real -- he did the snake shit
Fake shit -- beat his ass down, yo his mouth
could've got us all wasted, what a fuckin clown
All I got left in the end is two of my best friends
And we all goin out, to the death for these ends, WHAT?

-NAS (N.Y. State Of Mind Part 2)
jay-z has to come up with sum better bars!
by shadow452 December 22, 2006
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Term used to describe a mediocre rapper or person who stages a fake stabbing, uses lines from rappers that he admires, and pretends to retire, all so that his sales will go up.

Jay-Z dickriders like Jay-Z, but not the artists that he bites, or they like him more than those artists (Nas, 2pac, Biggie, etc...)
"Suede timbs on my feets/
makes my cypher, complete"

Nas - The World Is Yours (Illmatic, 1994)

"S. Dots on my feet make my cypher complete"

Jay-Z - What More Can I Say (Black Album, 2003)

"That's why I squeeze first, ask questions last"

Notorious B.I.G.

"That's why I squeeze first, ask questions last"

by Disciple December 8, 2004
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