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The fake, imitation accent people do to sound like indie singers when they sing. Often when people speak cursive the words are slurred, and hard to understand.
I totally sounded like Halsey when I was speaking cursive.
by jawanna blowme? February 29, 2020
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Horny~When you want to have sex.

My lustful eyes watched as Max walked into the bedroom, a bulge in his pants. He made his way over to me, who lay sexily naked on the bed. He began fiercely making out with me. His enticing lips smashed against mine and his tongue explored all of my mouth. Our tongues danced against one anothers.

He finally pulled away and began taking off his pants. His 9 inches sprung out and I began drooling at the thought of how could it felt when his hard, massive dick fucked me hard in the pussy.

I suddenly pushed Max onto his back, and lowered myself carefully into his huge cock. I was dripping wet, so I slipped onto him with ease. I moaned and quivered in pleasure as he easily touched my g-spot.

I began bouncing on his dick, while rubbing at my clit. I fastened the pace until I was furiously bouncing into his dick while daddy bucked his hips to ram himself even more into me.

Mmn! Harder!” I moaned out.

My cunt was so wet, and my juices were dripping down Max’s big cock. Daddy began to ram himself harder into me and I began quivering as he hit my g-spot with every thrust. The pleasure took control of my whole body and I knew I was close to orgasam.

Faster daddy! I’m gonna cum all over your big cock!” I moaned.

I pulled and pinched at my pink nipples for even more stimulation and I suddenly squirt out— far. I lay there on my bed, still shaking because of the intensity of the orgasam. Daddy then came onto my big tits and I smirked up at him.
“Gosh, I am so horny.” Jessi said to Annie.

“Omg, same Jessi. I really need some good cock right now!” Annie exclaimed.
by jawanna blowme? January 7, 2020
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A U-Haul lesbian is a LGBTQ+ (specifically lesbian) term for a lesbian who gets attached very quickly. The joke that goes along with this term is “What does a lesbian bring on the second date? A U-Haul.” Because they get so attached that they bring a moving truck to move in immediately with their significant other.
I went on a date with a U-Haul lesbian. She annoyed me so much that I won’t go on a second date.
by jawanna blowme? January 7, 2020
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Like to

Usually a more older woman, in her 30’s or 40’s who isn’t always a mother but just a hot babe that even younger guys wanna fuck her.
“Yo, Danny’s mom is a M.I.L.F!” Tyrone said to Xavier.

“Nah, the biggest M.I.L.F is Jeremy’s mom.” Xavier said.
by jawanna blowme? January 7, 2020
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Sad boi hours are hours, most commonly during the night, when you are suddenly sad. Sad boi hours also don’t just happen to boi’s (boys), females can experience sad boi hours too. Boi is just thrown in there for the humor touch, and because sad hours just sounds kinda meh.
During the sad boi hours, I began crying and eating ice cream while watching Netflix.
by jawanna blowme? January 22, 2020
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Treesha, New York slang for whore, slut, hoe, thot and stuff like that. If someone goes around fucking a lot of boys, they’re a Treesha. If someone goes around simply flirting with a lot of boys, still a Treesha.
People say Nicky is a treesha because she fucked all the boys in the football team.
by jawanna blowme? January 7, 2020
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RBF=Resting Bitch Face. That means to always look either serious, mean, rude or bored when you’re face is neutral, or resting. But this doesn’t mean that people with RBF’s are actually mean, it’s just how their face was made :-D.
Alexandra always has a RBF on display, causing people to shy away from her.
by jawanna blowme? January 18, 2020
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