when someone is so drunk and slurring their words, that if you wrote it down it wouldn't be in print it would be in cursive writing.
Last night Joe was so drunk, i couldn't understand him. It was like he was speaking cursive.
by danceteach February 11, 2010
The language of the Indie Music People. Used by people such as Hasley and Grace VanderWaal.
I dorn't nor my name.
Can i order corfe in Corsiv.
Hasley won't be caught speaking cursive in public.
The fake, imitation accent people do to sound like indie singers when they sing. Often when people speak cursive the words are slurred, and hard to understand.
I totally sounded like Halsey when I was speaking cursive.
by jawanna blowme? February 29, 2020
When someone talks the way that Grace Vanderwaal sings
-Yo, how can I annoy my girl
-Just start speaking cursive like “gRaCe VaNdERwaAl
by twentyfivehundred February 28, 2020
As you may have realized, cursive writing looks like -𝒯𝒽𝒾𝓈- So when you speak cursive its to speak jumbled up or jointed up.
John is so drunk he's speaking cursive again!
Speaking so abstractly it sounds like gibberish, usually performed when intoxicated.
Jason: givmehanodadrink
James: What did he say?
John: I think he was speaking cursive.
by Beastpastor64 February 29, 2020
when the homie is spitting so hard that they just can't be understood. like wtf did those words actually come out your mouth? did i hear that correctly?

when they start talking with their hands and making swirls in the air using their wand
homie: see that would never happen because the moment she decides that she wants to play me i already decided along ass time ago that I was going to play her, so really she's only playing herself

you: damn g, you speaking in cursive
by homiejandg July 27, 2020