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Resting Bitch Face

A person, girl especially, whose regular facial expression makes them look like a bitch.
Fuck, major RBF coming your way. I'd tap that.
by supersrs August 18, 2009
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resting bitch face

When your face makes you look like a huge bitch!
She was nice but had an rbf that made her look like an asshole
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by jennasea June 30, 2017
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Resting Bitch-Face Syndrome. When a woman seems like she's always crampy and full of shit even when she's just sitting down doing nothing and resting, thinking about good times.
A- "That woman just gave me a death stare."
B- "Nah, that's her normal face. She's got RBFS."
by Carlo89 June 09, 2015
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Short for "Redbull Friday". A day in which you drink double your usual Redbull consumption.
It's RBF. Let's mainline it.
by Kipps November 01, 2009
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