The absolute sweetest person ever, even if he may not believe it. He is an absolute gift to the world around him and an all around wonderful human being. He always looks out for those he loves and makes sure they feel safe and protected. He has the prettiest and softest eyes and the most adorable smile, and his laugh is enough to make you melt. He always gives the best hugs and holds you tight enough to make your worries disappear and make you feel like you’re at home. He always remembers the things you love and finds creative yet heartwarming ways to show how much he cares about you. He’s incredibly creative and always manages to inspire with his ideas, passion and determination. Anyone who manages to befriend him or even just know him is insanely lucky and if you cross paths with him, never let him go. He’s an incredibly strong person who has gone through so much and it’s incredible how he’s made it this far. You can always talk with him and he won’t judge, he’ll tell you the truth because you deserve it and because he’s just an all around genuine soul. He truly lights up the world no matter how much he says he doesn’t, and he’s just such an amazing person.
Nicky is such an amazing person, I’m never going to let him go
by ._Starlight_. June 14, 2021
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An awesome, amazing, wonderful lady with a big heart that loves her family and friends unconditionally.
You're name is Nicky? That's why you're so awesome!
by NP92 December 20, 2016
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Short for Nicholas is typically called nicky for recognition because he is a sexy genius that every one loves and is only not known by people who arent important enough.
Nickyis just amazing he is the sexiest smartest guy i have EVER met.
by you know who wrote this May 30, 2012
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Nicky is usually small with a big personality, Nicky is attractive but not sexy

they usually have a dick 6 inches, minimum. He is loved by everyone, and will bring you joy 24/7.

Nicky loves girls but there’s only one he’s attached to. He not shy at all and has to much energy.

Nicky is one of a kind love him dearly and he will love you dearly, the girl to end up with him will be vary lucky. never let Nicky go.
Wow she’s lucky to have a Nicky
I need a Nicky right now

He’s such a nicky
by Jfodm December 14, 2017
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A beautiful girl, inside and out. Always very caring and she gets what she wants! She is funny, smart and always sees the best in people. (She has a tall brunette BFF ) Ilysm Nicky!!
Girl: whats your best friends name?
Me: Nicky, duh they are the nicest sweetest girls around. i wouldn't want anyone else.
by t11ggy January 27, 2015
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Nicky never really had any friends. He usually yoinked his noodle alone.
by Freshboi87 April 30, 2018
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Nicky is the most honest and sexiest guy you have ever met and trusted, he would always cheer you up when your down ^-^
Hes sweet and cute and adorable, even when hes being shy.
He's hella weird and yet still loveable😍
He would always put a smile on your face and somtimes he can be mean but you cant stay mad at his pretty face, also can be turned on when you tease him 😏
Te amo muchho nicky!!❤
by Buttercup😘 March 16, 2015
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