Xavier is a complicated person. He’s someone you can rely on at all times. He’s nice, caring, sweet, generous, funny, and sometimes a little bit dorky. An Xavier is either really tall or really short. Rarely in the middle. He usually always has good intentions but occasionally fucks shit up. However he always fixes his mistakes and that’s what makes him so special. He’s extremely awkward and dorky at love, even quirky. But once you get to know him, you will truly see what a gentle, caring, gut he is! Sometimes it takes a while for him to get comfortable, but once he does you will see a completely different side of him. When he’s in a awkward situation he laughs like a dork. Once he does find someone he truly loves he will hold onto that person and not betray their trust. However one of his biggest fears of getting close to someone and them cheating or betraying their trust. Specifically his significant other
He’s so sweet!”
“Yeah...he has to be an Xavier!”
by 💫⚡️Entity⚡️💫 March 17, 2019
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One of those people who seem abrasive and rude all the time, but once you get to know them turn out to be a kind, caring, listening individual. In large groups will always be the jokester but one-on-one will melt your heart. May take awhile to fall for him but once you do there's no going back A good Xavier is someone you want to have around.
Ugh! That guy is so rude!

Nah, wait until you become his friend, he's such a Xavier.
by im mad brad April 11, 2017
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Xavier? oh he’s a Young Heart breaker, risk taker, neck breaker, body bagger, cheek clapper, never was a fapper, bitch stealing, wheeling and dealing, on the block chilling, pack sealing, money making, come through and spray it, hit ya an dismiss ya, hold on she want a picture, what you need I’ll Get ya, Son of a Gun.
Xavier is so cool
by HoodieHooligan May 24, 2019
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Xavier is such an amazing person his feeling might go up and down but they are usually up. He has such a funny personality, funniest person alive ngl. When he gets mad he gets very harsh or something but he knows how to control it. He is very loving and handsome. People might tell him other wise but maybe it’s because they are jealous. He has such a big heart and is such a good bf. He has the most beautiful brown eyes I’ve ever seen. His hair is so soft he has kiek baby hair tbh. His hugs are very warm because he’s so hot 🤭. Xavier’s are the best boys that ever exist you should get yourself an xavier 😉
Aww he’s so sweet.” .. “yes that’s an xavier!!”
by urbaenads May 23, 2022
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Where do I begin, not only is Xavier extremely good looking he is really kind hearted, to everyone and makes the best jokes. Even when they are cheesy as hell. Before I met an Xavier I was a mess but he turned my whole perspective around on everything! I could never replace Xavier, he is my best friend and my future <3 I would do anything for him.
Me: “Trevor
Xavier “Shar-lene”
by Kdogkel-c March 9, 2019
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Somebody fun, loving, and caring. Has a strong sense of justice and what’s right. If it’s for a good cause he will dedicate his time or effort. However very awkward at love, and is very unsure about what he wants in life. He is afraid of his partner betraying his trust, or getting hurt. He Loves joking around but sometimes that gets him in trouble. Overall a good human being with a high sense of morale.
“Wow! He’s so funny!”
“Yeah, his name must be Xavier”
by 💫⚡️Entity⚡️💫 March 17, 2019
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Xavier is honestly a great guy. He could be a dick a times but you just have to get to know him. He’s always horny so if you meet one get prepared for the “send nudes”. He cares a lot, sometimes a little to much. He’s a great boyfriend when he wants to be. He fucks up a lot but he can make up for it threw other means. He cares for his friends and will do anything for him. He can fight hella good and fast. Xavier won’t be scared to fight anyone unless they’re bigger than him. An Xavier will make you question your decisions. He can also leave you heart broken or pissed but will eventually give in and apologize. He gets depressed easily and sometimes it becomes to much. He has a massive penis and knows how to use it in bed.
Girl1: “Damn I’m so in love with Xavier but I don’t want to get played”
Girl2: “yea he’s so hot but such a meanie
Xavier:”ladies” *walks off*
Girls: *screams* “omg he noticed us!!!”
by Kinglol232323 March 9, 2019
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