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Person who receives multiple degrees and keeps taking courses instead of holding a profession related to the degrees earned. Can be a compliment or an insult depending on the speaker.
Ex. 1: a compliment
"Man, I think you're so cool for writing a dissertation on Mesoamerican maize fertilization. You're a real professional student!"

Ex.2 an insult:
"Hey Jack, won't you get a real job and quit being a professional student?"
by ignor September 29, 2004

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i.e. a cigarette. One way a smoker might difuse a non-smoker's disapproval of nicotine use. Use with a sarcastic tone of voice. See also killer stick.
Chet: Hey Jill, see you're still burning up those cancer sticks.

Jill: Screw you, Chet.
by ignor July 05, 2003

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Women's name, feminine version of Darius. Recently, character on and title of MTV's Daria. A highly sarcastic, socially isolated, but extremely cool woman I'd like to meet (if she were real.)
Man, you and your sister are totally like Daria and Quinn!
by ignor July 05, 2003

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Favorite behavior of crude diners. Involves dipping your crudite or corn chip into a sauce, taking a bite from the veggie or chip, and then re-dipping the half digested item back into the sauce

Made famous on Seinfeld some years back.
Sign at country fair food stall: "DO NOT DOUBLE DIP!"
by ignor September 19, 2004

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(lit.) Haitian religion combining Catholicism and West African-influenced animist beliefs.

(colloq.) Any strange ritual or behavior, especially one meant to do harm to another person. See also voodoo doll.
Darlene, angry that her hubby ran off with a waitress from a pachino parlor, made a voodoo doll of him in a B-rate movie sort of revenge.
by ignor July 10, 2003

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Yiddish for an idiot or a cuckold. Essential loan word in New Yorkese English, along with all the other Yiddish insults. See also schmuck.
That schmo just took my spot and flipped me the bird. Jerk.
by ignor July 05, 2003

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Not pork fat, but the large intestine of a hog. Signature variety meat of soul food and Southern cuisine in general. Cleaned, cut, and then fried or boiled.
Known for a distinctive aroma.
Some love chitlins while others can't stand the smell.
by ignor November 06, 2003

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