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Any event, musical piece, artwork, or writing that is profoundly disturbing or possibly psychotic.
Last night I went to see Tori Amos. She's a total mindfuck live!
by ignor August 25, 2003
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To use to the limit; to fully exploit. Usually means to quickly spend a credit card up to the limit.

see also maxxed out
Bambi maxed out a credit card in one day while on a shopping spree at Neiman Marcus.
by ignor October 2, 2003
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i.e. a cigarette. Used in a sarcastic way towards non-smokers to indicate that the smoker could care less whether or not others accept his/her smoking habit. See also cancer stick.
Whatever, I'm taking a killer stick break.
by ignor July 5, 2003
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A side effect of taking lithium,
a drug usually used to control
bipolar disorder. Characterized by
an extreme need to drink a lot of water
or other nonalcoholic fluid continuously over the course of the day. The afflicted are usually found toting many bottles of water around with them at all times.
Melinda carries around a 4L bottle of
water every day. She must have lithium thirst. Pringles?
by ignor September 15, 2004
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Homosexual man (in most cases) who has an inordinate facination with religious ritual, music, or visual art. Frequently prefers gaudy or overtly dramatic modes of religious expression.
This just cannot be! The vestments aren't matching! and polyester! horrors ...
by ignor November 6, 2003
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Person who receives multiple degrees and keeps taking courses instead of holding a profession related to the degrees earned. Can be a compliment or an insult depending on the speaker.
Ex. 1: a compliment
"Man, I think you're so cool for writing a dissertation on Mesoamerican maize fertilization. You're a real professional student!"

Ex.2 an insult:
"Hey Jack, won't you get a real job and quit being a professional student?"
by ignor September 29, 2004
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The art of traveling around a supermarket or warehouse club where free dood samples are offered. A person can make a tasty meal out of sampling depending on his or her talent. Try not to linger or appear too often at a particular sample station. Also, beware of salsa samples as others may have double dipped the salsa.
Velma: I'm'a on a diet, Shirl. I don't eat fudge bars anymore.

Shirl: They're setting out samples.

Velma: Oh, and let's try the pigs in a poke
by ignor September 19, 2004
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