Linguistics is the scientific study of language. Linguistics examines language through its structue and use. the fields of structure are Phonetics & Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics which deal with sounds, words, sentences, meaning, and interaction respectively. Language use is studied as it interface with other fields such as sociology, psychology, computer science, literature, anthropology, philosophy, or history.
Isn't John studying linguistics?

No, he just speaks four langauges, but Jill is a linguist.
by Wheezy April 16, 2005
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Linguistics is a field of study focusing on the structure of language. Completely captivating and impossibly satisfying.
A 2 year old child learns on average 9 new concepts a day. Somehow the brains of toddlers can intuit multiple abstract concepts over the course of a day. Do you remember what it was like to understand what a drain is? a lock? to sweat? to worry? to forget? glass? digestion? Linguistics explores the way people use language and its connection to the brain/cognitive development.
by thebrainisnuts September 9, 2006
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linguistics sucks sucks sucks
by Dong Woo March 13, 2005
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Someone sick to death of hearing all of the following:

So, how many languages do you speak?

You should work for the UN. They speak languages.

You mean so you can, like, invent new languages? There's a lot of money in that, you know.

I like reading the dictionary.

So, are you a cunning linguist?

Chomsky. (knowing nod)

Oh, so you know where words come from.

Wanna come work for the CIA with us?
That linguist is fucking hot.
by linguisticious September 29, 2006
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A person who specializes in Human speech, languages, pronunciation, and related aspects of language. They have extensive knowledge of the structure, terms, and modification of a language, or languages. They can reside in a variety of careers, and linguistics as a skill can be implemented within a plethora of professions.
I requested help from a well-known linguist, and they assisted me with documents and so forth.
by jjthesteve December 14, 2018
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adj; of or relating to language
It's good to have enough linguistic skill that you wouldn't call something an adjective and then use it in your example sentence as a noun, dumbass.
by akdsjfa;dsg;adsg November 2, 2006
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A sentence that gives intense detail and often evokes emotions.
Woah did you hear that linguistation?
by Foortwenteh February 24, 2013
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