1) An archaic term for a room within a home used for recreational indoor activities or the entertainment of guests; known as a "living room" in modern language.
2) A room equipped and furnished for a special function within a business. (i.e. Ice-cream parlor, tanning parlor, gambling parlor, pool parlor)
3) Slang for a brothel or place of prostitution, or a hall or den used in secret to consume narcotics & illegal substances.
"Julius, why don't you show the guests to the parlor and bring them some o' my fine Kentucky whiskey?"
"Oh golly! Mr. Whipple down at the ice-cream parlor sure makes a swell milkshake!"
"The parlor got raided by the fuzz; now where'm I gonna get a fix?"
by arkmtech March 30, 2005
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People in Buffalo, New York don't have "living rooms," or even worse, "family rooms." They have parlors. It's the room with couches and usually a TV set where everyone goes to relax.
"Hey Tom, put the Bills game on in the TV in the parlor, but mute it. I've got the stereo tuned to 97 Rock."
by Spartan Tom June 16, 2009
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Someone who breathes so hard it sound like they're snoring, yet they're wide awake!
"Hi, im your new teacher, do your work while i sit here and parlor all damn period "

by Renallleeeeemmm November 30, 2011
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I went to Giggles parlor to see a ho to get me some poonani
by sunnitara December 10, 2003
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The activity of touring massage parlors with a group of like-minded friends and degenerates. Especially relevant usage in urban areas with large Asian populations (i.e., San Francisco, New York).
Joe: What do you want to do after the horse track?

Matt: You wanna go parloring after? I hear the service at the Sunshine Spa is excellent.

Joe: Sounds delightful.
by SleazeyE March 27, 2009
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A practiced skill with very limited purpose or functionality. Used primarily to impress people, but usually only once.
That squirting-milk-out-your-eye thing he does is just a cheap parlor trick.
by HeroSpirit August 23, 2017
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