A term that aludes to a situation in which a person is in trouble. Comes from cricket where on uncovered wickets after a short rainfall a pitch could dry into a 'sticky' which could make it extremely difficult to play on as the ball would be going anywhere. Not anything to do with sex R.munkey. Where the fuck you from?
Its a bit of a sticky wicket, my girlfriend and my wife just met up at the pregnancy clinic...
by umpirestrikesback April 1, 2005
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English slang. Crude for referring to an unfortunate situation. Literally refers to having sex with a woman who has already had sex (ejaculated) with someone else.

Commonly used in the United States without knowledge of its meaning.
I just accidentally told my boss to piss off. That's a bit of a sticky wicket, now isn't it?
by r.munky October 12, 2004
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Sticky wicket is the term used for a strange situation.
I have found myself in a sticky wicket
by Metallic Chapel January 7, 2017
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A situation or an issue that arises and causes problems.
We've got a bit of a sticky wicket here.
by j-diddy March 23, 2004
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The act of ejaculating onto a Star Wars figure of the Ewok "Wicket" and then inserting it into a woman's vagina.
Dude A: I was with my girl last night and she wanted a Sticky Wicket.
Dude B: That's a rare and valuable figure dude.
by TheJudge October 16, 2014
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When you cum onto your partner's hand, and they smush it around between their fingers, and let the cum dry, thus glueing their fingers together.
Bitch 1: Hey how was sex with Herschel last night?

Bitch 2: It was great, until he gave a sticky wicket, and I was late to work since I couldn't drive with my fin-like appendages.

Bitch 1: DAYUMMM! yo mama gonna get mad if you late to pick up yo brutha from pre-school again.

Bitch 3: Yo bitches! I saw "How Stella Got Her Groove Back 2" last night! And after the movie Shantel gave me a Sticky Wicket.

Bitch 2: That's Splungtastic! You and I got sticky wickets last night!

Bitch 1: Yeah well word to yo mutha!!!

Bitch 3: Yo mutha ain't got nothin on my daddy!

Bitch 2: Peace, bitches! We believe that the children are the future. Everybody SANG!!

Bitch 4: You a crazy mofo!
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When you pull out after ejaculating and there's semen stuck to your genitals
Yo man I was with my girl last night. That shit was so good I couldn't pull out and afterwards I had a "sticky wicket" for hours.
by BL1000 January 13, 2016
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