What it means for something to exist.
What does it mean for that chair in your room to exist? Does it exist because it is there in a physical form, because the material is there? Or does it exist because of its function, because the chair is there to be sat upon? What it means for something to exist is ontology, and both of these examples would work.
by puhdoo November 2, 2013
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1. The adjective form of ontology. 2. A word for which no non-pretentious use exists outside of a philosophy class.
When I asked a hottie if she knew what "ontological" meant, she unceremoniously slapped me with a dictionary.
by brownacre_1 July 14, 2019
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The branch of metaphysics that deals with the idea and nature of being/existing. Furthermore, anyone who uses this word in a philosophy class is a fucktard. Period.
I think that the ontological reprecussions of that ethical theorem are simply proposterous. I am a huge ass.
by dart_smart_ass April 26, 2006
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The hypothesis that religion emerged as a paradigm to protect consciousness from destroying language.
Generative ontology argues that religion (narrative ego) and all mythologies are a promise to the consciousness by the super-conscious (mind) that language will one day be destroyed.
by metawave July 5, 2019
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A cyclical time theory of linearity in which asymmetry causes incompleteness (inequality); and incompleteness causes discontinuity; and discontinuity recursively causes asymmetry.

That is to say, from mediums emerge outcomes, from outcomes emerge catastrophes and from catastrophes recurse to form new mediums beginning the cycle of linearity once again.

Also called ontologistics.
Social ontology is an ontologistical iteration of the tri-functional hypothesis.
by sandrashine August 26, 2018
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Can be used as an insult to mean that someone's grasp of reality (ontological perspective) is different to the norm.
"Look at her outfit...if she thinks that looks good then she must be seriously ontologically-challenged!"
by choir-nerd December 12, 2013
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