Darlene is a very thurl person. She is very short and pretty . Darlene attracts a lot of boys but she is very loyal . She is one of a kind . Darlene is smart and a great friend .
“Hey , is that Darlene”
Her: “yeah she’s such a cool gal
by Alskfjfirjrj December 6, 2018
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darlene is the absolute most perfect girl IN THE WORLD! She's the type of beautiful you'll see one day at the market and end up thinking about for weeks wondering if you'll ever see her again, leaving your head filled with endless "what ifs?". She has the warmest brown eyes that you can get lost in for hours, her smile can light up any room, and her aura emanates so much love, genuineness, and curiosity. she is art in every form. Don't even get me started on her endless lists of talents and skills, such as photography, singing, painting, lego building, the list goes on and on. She has the purest heart that you're going to want to protect from any harm. She caring, loyal, trustworthy, LOVING, extremely affectionate, sexc ;), reassuring, gentle, hot, honest, smart, beautiful, cute, and has the best sense of humor. A love like hers is rare, in fact I don't think another love like hers exist. its just so perfect and precious in it own way; like her. You're gonna want give her the world, AS YOU SHOULD. looking at her feels like looking at the moon, her beauty is just so ethereal and peaceful, you'll never get her out of your head.
Darlene is my mooon <3
by lmfaosg November 24, 2021
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a female who gets stronger by every pain she's felt and dealt with. Loves the color purple. she a go getta' likes to hustle but loves to grind!
That girl sure is a Darlene .

There isn't that much of those in town.
by Sheisdaya March 14, 2017
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a Darlene is a very nice, beautiful , artistic ,good with animals , best dresser kind of girl she is very pretty and once you look at her your in love she can have a bicthy additude but once you know her she's a very kind , helpful, sweet, and nice if you didn't see her art "you've been living under a rock" she has the best art. she loves animals, she even has a lot of pets . she has the best oufits ( she even dresses and looks better than tiffany amber ) if you don't know a Darlene " you crazy!"
(boy) have you seen that new girl Darlene ! (boy's friend ) I know shes so pretty ! (darlenes friend ) hey boys, shes not avalible by the way look at the new art she made ( all) wow! .
by pearlandbetty June 6, 2017
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Dayummmmmmmmmmm darlene youre lookin finenneneneeeee
by Myass666 April 18, 2018
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Everyone with the name 'Darlene' is beyond beautiful, but always get hurt.
Hey Darlene.
by Lady Fucking Phantom14 January 19, 2018
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