137 definition by hytham_hammer

pet fetishism.
the person responsible for such a deviation against non-suspecting animals is called a petishist.
say what Anna, is your mother still 'avin that pitbull around?
by hytham_hammer July 07, 2005

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The really dirty and down, early 80s NewYorkan hip-hop scene that was sexy and playful in a really cool way.
Now, that's dead.
man, the way them rappers think they can play that shit and call it 'old-skool' is gettin' on my nerves... where is the old tru-skool thing, nigga?
by hytham_hammer July 07, 2005

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60s psychotherapist's name for LSD.
the clever pill and the Owesleytalk is hip.
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005

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therapy done with the help of a 'partner robot'....for ageing people in Japan.
Mr. Zaki parked his auto infront of the golden-age club for yet another session of robot-therapy.
by hytham_hammer July 05, 2005

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Japanese dining method over neraly-naked women.
PERSON2:what? the food is good?
PERSON1:hai..hai..and deez women too!
by hytham_hammer July 05, 2005

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short for: can't have anyone over syndrome . Like when your room is out of shape and you have OCD and likes nobody to see it that way...
hammer: why you say I can't stop for a cuppa, Maurice?
Maurice (on the phone): I'm having Chaos,man...
by hytham_hammer August 05, 2005

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Women who shun off the family, men and marriage for the good life!
description: thirtysomething, uglier than a skillet's bottom and filthy-rich bitch.
by hytham_hammer August 02, 2005

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