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Not to be confused with the Chevy model or band.

An impala is a majestic fucking wild beast that you can’t help but drool wishing you could sink your teeth into. They’re lean af and probably way faster than you unless you’re a cheeta!
Damn son, you see Darla?! I wouldn’t mind pouncing on that Impala. Too bad she’s way out of my league.
by DiamondDick9 May 07, 2020
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Impala : A marvellous car by Cheverolet Motors. Luxury and speed all the way.
Impala is a wonderful speedy daemon of the road.
by Sundeep Sharma September 02, 2005
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an excellent chevrolet motor car and a large gazelle which feeds on accacia trees
Second-hand Car Dealer: Which impala would you prefer?

*15 minutes later*

Gang member: What the FUCK? That guy's doing drive by's on a fucking gazelle!
Driver: West Side!
by the person who shall not be named September 09, 2007
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Classic automobile produced by the motor company Chevrolet. Used a lot in West Coast Rap Videos & has a big part of the West Coast lifestyle, especially Impalas from the Early 1960s (mostly the 1963 & 1964 SS Models). Made famous by Eazy-E/NWA. Also the 1996 Impala SS is a big model in the west coast scene.
The Fellaz Out There Tryin' To Make That Dolla, I Pulled Up In My 6-4 Impala.
by Ruthless G December 04, 2004
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The great cruiser car from Chevrolet motors, with characteristic low center of mass for that extra stability.
Idiot, its an ambassador - not an impala.
by Sundeep September 14, 2005
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Classic Cars, best non-lowered, or g'd up... Classic 6 tail light design, plenty of tail lights for the riceboys to familiarize themselves with.
My '68 impala with the 383 smallblock and 2 1/2" exhaust is one badass ride.
by Musclelogic February 23, 2004
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