137 definition by hytham_hammer

twat cunt.
Of (surely enough...), British origin.
Stop twiddling the radio knob, you twunt!
by hytham_hammer August 01, 2005

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codeword from bar-room speak, means : 'watch out, there's a hot person entering the bar!' .
bartender: security area 10, here comes a stunner! .
by hytham_hammer July 14, 2005

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to have sex and look at a porno and do like they do on screen.
now, let's get the neighbors for this Mongolian Cluster Fuck,(def no2) scene,hon...
by hytham_hammer July 09, 2005

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appealing girl, you can die for.
see also, babilicious/babe-o-rific/crush-magnet...Uma Thurman.
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005

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Video-Game Related Seizure.
Ahab got totally pownedz00rx'd in CS; he keeled over and started to shake! We didn't figure why untill we reached the hospital and the nurse told us of him having been through a toughassed VGRS bout. wat a poor sod!
by hytham_hammer July 07, 2005

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A flexible vegetarian who can allow meat and fish in his/her diet.
Prolly the healthiest among us all.
by hytham_hammer August 02, 2005

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family and friends spam .
fram, spam, ham, spim, meatloaf... my goodness, we can open a friggin' resturant with these !
by hytham_hammer July 15, 2005

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