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term from about the early '80s (prob a derivative of "brainer") describing someone in school who is extremely smart and gets high grades.

a browner can be (but not necessarily) a geek or a nerd.
"Edwin? oh yeah, he's definitely a browner...I think his lowest mark was a B+ !"
by holly August 31, 2004
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liquid human waste (urination) - aka pee

- opposite of thickie (shit)
"Where's the bathroom? I need to have a thinnie before I explode!"
by holly December 6, 2007
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A youngin', one who knows very little but acts like they know it all. Basicallt used as in insult to those who have never grown up!
Paul is such a premie!
by holly March 8, 2005
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overused and at times annoying response to what day of the week it happens to be
"Is it Wednesday today?"

"Yep, all day."
by holly August 11, 2004
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An evil world created by those with a mental addiction called gnaetopia
'Ah, the evil glom people are coming to get me!'
by holly April 5, 2004
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Emoticon/Smiley face,
n/u = :
_ = )

The more underlining there is, the more happier, or sadder (hence u_u) you are.

Similar to :( and v_v
I just found my brother raping my cat u______u

I failed my biology A level u_u

You make me happy n___n
by holly March 24, 2008
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An australian man. Sexuality highly ambiguous.Fake pilot.Wears cropped trousers.Extremely annoying and confusing person.
He's so JE! I hate him Heather!
by holly March 30, 2004
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